Little Tew Parish Meeting




The Parish Meeting set up a working group to research and provide recommendations for introducing traffic calming and speed reduction measures in the village.
This Group has met on 24th October, and 27th November 2023.
Guidance and support was provided by James Wright (JW) at Oxfordshire County Council (OCC), and the Group also referenced the Guidance document LOCAL TRANSPORT NOTE 1/07.
Minutes of the meetings are attached, as Appendix 1.



  1. The overwhelming view of the Group was that there should be minimal signage and street furniture associated with the proposal.
  2. A speed limit of 20mph is recommended, not least because the risk of death or serious injury in road accidents is significantly less than at 30mph. This limit would apply on all three access roads into the village as per drawing from JW (copy attached as Appendix 2).
  3. Having discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Chicanes, Gates, Speed Humps, Speed Cushions, and stand-alone speed monitors (and referencing Local Transport Note 1/07), the Group favoured the use of a single Speed (Road) Hump on the road from The Meetings. In particular, Appendix E of the Guidance states that Road Humps "are a proven speed control device used in 20mph zones…resulting in reductions in injury accidents of about 60%". However, the rules require a further speed reduction measure prior to a Hump, involving additional signage, marking, and visual intrusion of road 'furniture'. It was agreed therefore that we should go with a 20mph speed limit, and review the need for additional measures after 12 months. It was considered that the bends on the other access roads into the village provide a natural speed reduction facility.
  4. The Group also considered signage at each entrance to the village indicating that the village roads are a shared space with other users. In addition, a sign indicating 'Local access only' would be useful in deterring traffic going to and from Soho Farmhouse, and Mullins, from using the village as a short-cut. See Appendix 3, as an example.
  5. It is also recommended that a Community Speedwatch Group be set up to monitor speeds through the village. Volunteers will be required for this, for which training will be provided.  and provide further information. Such Groups have been successful in reducing speeding through villages, and there is little point in having a limit unless it is enforced.
  6. Village residents need to set an example, by driving at an appropriate speed through the village, otherwise we cannot expect others to do so.
  7. The Group have also lobbied for a reduced speed limit along the Meetings Road (i.e past Spring Farm, Cherwell Farm, The Meetings, and Home Farm), but currently there is a lack of budget to undertake the required speed survey, and there is no significant history of incidents along that road. Therefore, there is little, or no, prospect of achieving a lower speed limit here in the near future.

(A) The Parish Meeting is invited to endorse the following recommendations:

  1. 20mph speed limit for the village,
  2. Setting up of a Speedwatch Group for the village.
  3. Monitor compliance with 20mph limit over a 12 month period, and review the need for additional measures.

(B) The Parish Meeting is invited to consider, and agree, the degree of additional signage as per Appendix 3.

(C) The Parish Meeting to agree to the Working Group progressing the proposal.



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